History of the InnExterior2

Like many Colorado towns, Niwot treasures its Native American roots, as the town was named after Chief Niwot, a famous Arapaho leader. Originally a railroad town, Niwot served as an important link between large cities to the north and south. Fortunately, Niwot has maintained its vision for the future with the same quaint feel and welcoming spirit as it did many years ago.

Similar to Niwot’s rich history, the Inn’s unique character and architecture are a nod to the town’s rugged Native American and Western roots. The Niwot Inn, built in 1999, honors the same charm as its surroundings. Interestingly enough, it’s the first and only inn located within Niwot. Luxurious upgrades can be seen throughout the Inn, particularly in the Great Room and the guestrooms. The Inn captures the welcoming, homey energy of Niwot while offering guests the luxurious amenities of any big city hotel.

The Inn

The arts and crafts style building makes the Niwot Inn both rustic and chic. Comfortable patio furniture and a bubbling water feature make a perfect place to start your relaxation journey at the Niwot Inn. As you enter the Inn, you’ll be greeted with the sweet, woodsy aroma of the Pinon logs used in the majestic stone hearth fireplace that projects the warm quality of the Great Room.


Two large French doors invite you into the Great Room, the centerpiece of the Inn’s rugged beauty. Local craftsman Jay Anderson created the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace to mimic “Stonehenge on the wall.” The warmth and comfort of the Great Room is accentuated with the layering of textures in the custom furniture, architectural features, and decor. Looking up, you’ll notice the large timber wood beams that give the Inn a mountain lodge feel. Local artisan Doug Hahn used stressed, tattered wood to create the round-edged custom furniture. The all-natural, Native American clay walls match the soft, lived-in quality that the rest of the Inn so perfectly exemplifies.

The Great Room is a place of food, comfort, and relaxation. Fittingly, it is the place where you’ll receive a hearty continental breakfast in the morning, engage in a friendly chat with another guest, and experience a quiet oasis to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a local newspaper or good book. It serves many functions (each different), but handles all exceptionally well. We invite you to explore the Great Room, a place that is beautifully and perfectly made.

StaircaseThe Stairway

The post and beam atrium stairway in the Inn is visually inspiring, with high cathedral archways made of beautifully knotted Douglas Fur. The window inserts allow sunlight to make its way down the stairway and highlight the architectural details that make the Inn unique. Two sitting areas flank the Stairwell at each end and provide the perfect setting for quiet relaxation as you sink into a perfectly worn-in leather chair. The stairway offers the ideal location for vow renewals and weddings.

The Staff

Today, the Niwot Inn staff is comprised of local residents who have been working here for quite some time. They understand the surrounding area very well and can provide recommendations for just about anything that strikes your fancy. As a family-run business, many guests comment on the  personal care they receive while under our roof. Our staff truly is committed to providing excellent service and catering to your every whim.