The Niwot Inn and Spa is a non-smoking establishment.


Room rates are listed on the website. Rooms are subject to a 5.79% tax. Credit card information is collected to hold the guestroom when the reservation is made. Upon check-in, guests will present a credit card to swipe. The credit card on file will be charged at checkout. We do not have a deposit policy.


Rates include a hearty continental breakfast, which features bagels, English muffins, fresh fruit salad, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, cheerios, local granola, waffles, pastries, coffee, tea, orange juice, and milk. Throughout the day, cookies, fruit, and other snacks are available. Each evening, guests may also enjoy complimentary wine, cheese, and crackers in the Great Room. In the winter, we offer hot cider and coffee throughout the day.

Check-in and Check-out policy

Check-in is at 4:00 pm. Check-out is at 11:00 am.


To cancel a one-room reservation: Cancellations must be made 72-hours MST prior to reservation. If a room is canceled less than 72 hours before the reservations check-in time, the credit card on file will be charged the full amount.

Group room Cancellations

Reservations must be cancelled by 3:00PM MST, 30 DAYS BEFORE RESERVATION by calling 303-652-8452. If a cancellation is not made 30 days in advance, the charged fee will be for the full booked reservation.

Additional Guests

Guestrooms with two double beds accommodate up to 4 adults with a $10 per person additional charge for the 3rd and 4th person. Rooms with one queen or king bed accommodate 2 adults. Air mattresses are available  for up to two children (aged 12 and under) for a $10 charge. If you have additional adults, additional rooms are required.

Room Key

Please keep track of your room key at all times. If you misplace your room key and require the Inn Manager to let you in between 10:00pm and 6:00am, there is a $25 fee.